Links to my pages with photos of Japan and my Favorite Links about Japan
  • Matsumoto Castle & Kawagoe festival
  • Tobu World Square miniature buildings.
  • Kamakura.
  • Fish Market.
  • Kyoto.
  • Hakone.
  • Utsonomiya
  • Izu Peninsula.
  • Around Town
  • New Year 2002 in Japan
    Nikko More Photos of Nikko
    Sapporo Snow Festival
  • Our trip to China
  • Hiroshima April 2003 -Page 1 image
    Hiroshima Page 2 image
  • Engrish We've Found

  • What's happening around Tokyo
  • A source of Japanese News in English, including events happening around town such as special concerts and exhibits. (See heading City Guide for current happenings.)
  • Concerts comming to Tokyo!!
  • Tokyo Convention and Visitor Bureau Home Page. A link to things to see and do around town.
  • The Tokyo Journal an abbreviated version of the full (print) journal. (Which is available on the newspaper rack at the Yokota library) - lists some of the music, art, photographic, and other events going on in and around Tokyo. (The full (print) version is a must read for anyone looking for concerts, exhibits, etc going on in Tokyo.)
  • World Eki-Net Reserve your seat on the Shinkansen ("Bullet Train") here. --New Jan 2002!

    Favorite Links about touring in Japan as a whole.
  • Japan National Tourist Organization Website -in English. -- Definitely check to see if they have a "Combined Travel Practical Guide" to print out for the area you are going. These are 4 - 6 page PDF files that contain information and maps about how to get places, what to see when you get there, and where to stay. Includes rate information and hotel phone numbers.
  • Online link to Japan Times. With lists of events around town.
  • Townpage Online Japan Telephone Directory -English Tokyo Phone Directory. Includes links to other sites about traveling in Japan.
  • Photo Maps of Japan Links to maps of Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, and other places, mostly around Tokyo. Their emphasis is on photography shops and displays, but has other things labeled. - If you haven't visited some of photo exhibits, there are many free ones around. My wife and I look them up in the Tokyo Journal, or you could just stop by some of the "photo spaces" shown on the above linked maps.
  • Shiki Theatre Company Produce many musicals.

    A few of the many museums around town The Bunkamura Almost always has an excellent exibit of western art on display! Ranging from Van Gough, to Millet, to Escher, etc.
  • Fuchu Art Museum in Western Tokyo Metropolotis
  • Bridgestone Museum of Art National Museum of Western Art. The POLA Museum of Art In Hakone, but well worth the visit.

    English Links to Regions of Japan. -small but growing.
  • Enoshima: See Kanagawa's Home Page.
  • Fujisawa: Fujisawa City Home Page See also Kanagawa's Home Page.
  • Hakone: Hakone's home page. See also the The Odakyu Train Line's Homepage which has limited iniformation about the Odakyu train line which takes you to Hakone via the Hakone Free Pass. See also Kanagawa's Home Page.
  • Kanagawa's Home Page Includes Hakone, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Odawara, Enoshima, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Includes links to an extensive schedule of Fireworks in Kanagawa.
  • Kamakura: See Kanagawa's Home Page.
  • Narita: Narita Airport's English Home Page.
  • Rainbow Town's Big Sight Convention Center

    Favorite Links about Japanese Language
  • Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary Server Online Japanese-English Dictionary.
  • Online Japanese Lesson.
  • Where I downloaded "Jim's Kanji" a free true type font set containing Hiragana, Katakana, and all 1850 Toyo Kanji
  • Online Free translations of web pages or text to and from English & many other languages, including Japanes.

    Favorite Links about Yokota Air Base
  • See what is showing at the Yokota Theater
  • What's showing on AFN-- the military station we get on TV - yes this is the correct address. If you are having trouble with your browser finding it from this link- go to do a search for "AFRTS" -without the quotes and then Click on the first link "AFRTS Home" -- It seems to work more often. I don't know why this does this, but my best guess is it has something to do with DNS files and the vastness of the internet. -- To see the TV schedule, click on the box "AFN on TV" in upper left corner.
  • Eagle 810 Schedule - Can also be found by sifting through AFRTS (above) through "AFN radio" and then "Overseas Stations" and the "Japan"
  • 374th Services Home Page Link to hours and information about services organizations (Clubs, Tamodachi Lanes -bowling-, the Yujos center (sometimes out of date link to scheduled tours), Auto Skill Center, Flight Training Center, Outdoor Recreation, etc.)
  • Yokota AAFES List of hours of operations of Yokota's commisary, BX, Map of base, etc.
  • Yokota Air Base Library
  • Yokota AFB home page - with link to SITES manual under "newcomer's information"
  • Yokota Air Base Shuttle Map & Schedule

    Other relevant link/s to travelers
  • APHISThe USDA's information page on bringing plants back to the United States.
  • Looks like a very helpful sight for those living in Japan not on SOFA status to get a Japanese license. (Those on SOFA status obtain theirs through their command.)
  • US Embassy in Tokyo

    Books I recommend about Japan

    Brian and Kristen Marriott

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