Printing. . . If you want to print these books, you have a number of options, but in my opinion the best way to print them into booklets. In printing a booklet each piece of paper has 4 pages printed onto it in such a way that when all of the pages are stacked together, folded in half, and stapled in the middle, you have a book the size of 1/2 of the 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. image

Fortunately, many modern computers make it easy to print a booklet. On many computers, in the print menu, you simply select Page Scaling: Booklet Printing. If your printer prints on both side of the paper, you can then Select Booklet Subset: Both sides. Otherwise, you can print the front sides, put the paper back in the printer, and print the back sides, being carefull to observe both the 1) order the pages need to go back into the printer (On some printers you may have to reverse the order of the pages before putting them back in) and 2) which side goes up in the printer. image

If your printer does not have the option to print a booklet, you can without too much difficulty, print a booklet manually by using Page Scaling: Multiple pages per sheet. Pages per sheet:2 and careful selection of print range. image image
Looking carefully at the schematic of the booklet above, one can see that in the above 20 page schematic of the booklet "backs" of the pages are the following pages in order: 20, 1,18, 3, 16, 5, 14, 7, 12, 9. You would then place them back into the printer, making sure they go back into the in the proper order and facing the proper direction. (Some printers may require you to turn them over and reverse order you place them back into the printer.) Then print 2, 19, 4, 17, 6, 15, 8, 13, 10, 11 on the back. Fortunately most of the Sam books are 20 pages long. image

Sheet Front
(PDF page# - description)
(PDF page# - description)
1 20- Back cover
1- Front Cover.
2 - New words
19- Questions
2 18- Book page 14
3- "Title page"
4 - copywright page
17- book page 13
3 16- Book page 12
5 - book page 1
6 - book page2
15 - book page 11
4 14 - book page 10
7 - book page 3
8- book page 4
13- book page 9
5 12 - book page 8
9- book page 5
10 - book page 6
11- book page 7

Printer Ready Booklet Files:

For those of you having difficulty creating multipage booklets with the main files. I am playing with some PDF files that I've thought of as "multi-page printer ready booklet files." They are PDF files that are layed out 2 book pages per pdf page ordered such that you can print the first 5 pages (of a typical 10 page file), then print the next 5 pages on the back of the first 5 and have a booklet. Care has to be taken to watch the order of the pages coming out of the printer and the order that one places them back in.
Here's the print dialog box that you would use.
After replacing the paper in the printer tray. You would print pages 6-10 on the backs of 1-5.

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